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Management Plan for Hilton Run
A Subwatershed of St. Mary's River
Revised February 2005

Executive Summary

The St. Mary's River watershed encompasses almost a quarter of St. Mary's County, Maryland. Hilton Run, one of 16 subwatersheds leading to the St. Mary’s River, occupies a critical portion of the County, containing over one quarter of its population. With this in mind, a dedicated and diverse group of local citizen volunteers formed the Watershed Legacy Coalition in September 2002. The Coalition consists of community stakeholders (developers, farmers, businesses, educators, and citizens) who worked together to complete this comprehensive management plan for Hilton Run.

This Plan describes how best management practices, public policy and community education can stimulate new efforts to protect and enhance the St. Mary’s River watershed in ways that also revitalize the economic, social, and cultural health of the community. Development in Hilton Run has been intensive in recent years, with resulting threats to its environmental health, particularly as a result of a rapid increase in paved or otherwise impervious surfaces. Though the environmental quality of Hilton Run remains generally good, inappropriate management could lead to rapid deterioration with adverse economic as well as environmental consequences.

The Plan presents concrete ideas for businesses, government, schools, and local citizens wanting to improve health of Hilton Run, the St. Mary's River watershed, and the County as a whole. With this Plan, The Watershed Legacy Coalition, now known as The St. Mary’s River Watershed Association, strives to establish win-win partnerships that guide growth and preserve the natural, cultural, and economic characteristics of value to all citizens in St. Mary’s County.


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