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Water Clarity Increasing
In St. Mary's River

      October 22, 2014 - Horseshoe Bend.—Many of you have commented that the river is finally clearing up again. Today we could see down to the bottom in eight feet of water! This is good news. The bad news is that this past summer had significant algae growth clouding the waters and causing intermittent low-oxygen episodes. These conditions are very hard on underwater sea grasses and many of our beds have died back. Underwater grasses are keystone species; they clear the waters of sediments, provide oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide, and they provide safe habitat for crabs and small fish.

      October 29, 2014. Today, the water clarity was the deepest I have seen - 121 inches, over 10 feet.

Join our email list and receive periodic news about our programs and upcoming events. Send an email to us with the subject line Subscribe by clicking here: SUBSCRIBE

Oyster Reef Project Exceeds Expectations Summer Interns Document Progress

      Thanks to a generous grant from Cove Point Natural Heritage Trust, the Association contracted five summer interns to assist with the baseline assessment and ongoing documentation of the oyster reef project.

      Interns found that the natural oyster strike in the river this summer appears to be exceptionally high again, after an average summer in 2013 and a bonaza year in 2012. Oysters are coming back strong in the St. Mary's River.   Read more . . .

11:00-4:00 Saturday, Sept 27
Historic St. Mary's City

The turnout for our 10th Annual RiverFest was an impressive 1,280, the highest attendance ever. The weather was beautiful and the day was perfect in every way. RiverFest is a great opportunity to inform the public of the important ways that they can minimize their impact on our waterways. We engage youth in activities related to the water, thereby instilling in them a sense of value and importance for our natural world. In exchange these youths gain greater appreciation for our environment and become better stewards. Highlights of this year's event were the sturgeon exhibited by GenOn Chalk Point, the many exhibits of snakes, fish, turtles, and mollusks, and of course, the Wade-In led by Senator Bernie Fowler. Music for the event was provided by Longman Joe Norris, Indian Summer, and Janie Meneely with the Chesapeake Charter School Chorus.

Learn more.

40-Page Guide Published

Available Free

The forty-page guide, From My Backyard to Our Bay, A St. Mary's County Resident's Guide to Improving Our Environment and Drinking Water, is available free at area businesses, or you can download it from our web site. The Greenery in Hollywood, Chicken Scratch in Park Hall, and Good Earth Natural Foods in Leonardtown have free copies. Support your local businesses and get your free copy.    Download compressed version [3.8 MB]

A download link to a high resolution PDF formatted version is available on our publications page.


Recycling Concrete to Create Habitat

      On Sunday, October 5, fifteen volunteers loaded 25 tons of concrete onto the barge, Whiskers (operated by Captain Craig Kelley), who motored it into placed where each piece made a huge splash as it settled down in Horseshoe Bend creating habitat for oysters and other marine animals. Two trips were necessary to place all the concrete, and the group finished their work before 1:00 p.m.  Read more . . .


Local Businesses Support
Oyster Reef Project

      Three local companies deserve your thanks and support. In 2013, Carruth & Son Inc, Colliflower & Peterson Inc, and Reliable Marine became working partners on our St. Mary's River Oyster Reef Project. Their enormous support was essential in bringing this project to fruition. We could not have done it without them.    Read more.

      Please show your appreciation by supporting these businesses.

      The St. Mary's River Oyster Reef is a partnership project of the local Rotary clubs and Rotary District 7620, St. Mary's College of Maryland, and the St. Mary's River Watershed Association.

Oysters Filtering Water

An adult oyster can filter 55 gallons of water each day. Once oysters filtered the entire Chesapeake Bay every few days.

River Friendly Neighborhoods Rewards Program
River Friendly Neighborhood Certification

      With funding from the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation Small Watershed Grants, SMRWA is launching a neighborhood-scale certification program much like the current Baywise homestead program.    Learn more.

       For more information 301-737-2903 and ask for Bob.

303d Campaign to
Restore the St. Mary's River

The EPA has listed the St. Mary's River as an impaired tributary to the Chesapeake Bay. Simply stated, the river is polluted and it's getting worse, not better. Read More.

Join the new 303d Campaign and become a River Guardian or a River Steward.

Just updated: SMRWA recognizes donors to the 303d Campaign.

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