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To Protect, Improve, and Promote the well-being of the St. Mary's River Watershed through the collaborative efforts of economic, agricultural, environmental, social, cultural, and political stakeholders in the community.


Since 2002, the St. Mary's River Watershed Association has stimulated new efforts to protect and enhance the watershed in ways that also revitalize the economic, social, and cultural health of the community. With over five years of data from the St. Mary's River Project, the Association was formed to establish a sustainable, reciprocally, beneficial relationship between the ecology of the St. Mary's River and the communities that reside within the watershed.

In 2003, the Association completed a comprehensive management plan for the Hilton Run , a subwatershed of the St. Mary's River. While completing this management plan, the group has done an enormous amount of work vital to the future of the Lexington Park area and its watershed.

The Association strives to establish win-win partnerships that guide growth and preserve the natural, cultural, and economic characteristics of value to all citizens of St. Mary's County.

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